Eirwen and Fridis is the first volume of a seven-part series, The Ravenstones.  It is the first published work of fiction by C. S. Watts, chronicling the transformation and growth of a young polar bear, as he sets out to find his missing friends.

Publication of the first two volumes in the series is planned for the early summer of 2019.

The story sets the stage for an unfolding saga, set in an ancient fantasy world where power, mystery, politics, intrigue and ambition permeate a civilization of animals.  The remainder of the series will be published and listed on this site over the ensuing five years.

On this site you will find relevant notes for the entire series, including brief encapsulations, characters and place names, a map of this world, a biography of the author, news and events, as well as a collection of other information related to the book series.

Opportunities for readers to correspond with the author will be set up through a Q&A page.