The author would like to thank all those who have read early drafts, expressed any interest in this project and provided encouragement, valuable feedback, editorial assistance, moral support, technical assistance and creative ideas.  In particular he’d like to thank his mother, sister, wife, children and grandchildren.

In undertaking research into and developing the many names of the animals involved, the author has found the website to be invaluable.

In attempting to gain a better understanding of the animal kingdom, he has had the pleasure of using The World of Birds (Jonathan Elphick), Birds of North America (François Vuilleumier, ed.), the Smithsonian Natural History, the Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition (David Allen Sibley) and many others.

To get a better understanding of the theory of dreams and the interpretation of symbols, the author has made use of The Illustrated Dream Dictionary (Pamela Ball).

The map of the world inhabited by these characters was drawn by Shaun Carrigg, to whom the author is greatly indebted.

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