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Gains and Losses

The alliances in Aeronbed and Vigmar have shifted; the battle lines redrawn. Old enemies become friends of convenience; former confederates are now being hunted down. Can advocates for peace be trusted? Can bears and lions become true allies? Can old prejudices be overcome? Is true reconciliation possible?

Eirwen and Fridis have been reunited but their lives are filled with conflict and challenge. Eirwen must lead the Heimborn bears against the panther overlords. Fridis embarks on her quest to unearth the true story of the Ravenstones, starting with her former bodyguard, Raicho, the peregrine falcon, and then to uncover the mysteries of Manaris.

Ammarich begins to doubt Adarix, who has abandoned the wolf pack’s ambitions and committed his life to supporting the polar bear. The lioness, Olwen, seeks to rejoin her kin in their northern sanctuary. Her friend and confidante, Eisa, the panther, chooses to stay with Eirwen and the Heimborn bears but – under threat of death – he must prove himself to the suspicious clan chiefs. Vulpé is on the hunt once more, but now it’s the magic gemstones he’s after.


Available October 20, 2021