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Loved it! 😍 The fascinating saga of a bear, a duck, and magic gems continues in this excellent sequel.

Adam Wright

The alliances in Aeronbed and Vigmar have shifted; the battle lines redrawn. Old enemies become friends of convenience; former confederates are now being hunted down. Can advocates for peace be trusted? Can bears and lions become true allies? Can old prejudices be overcome? Is true reconciliation possible?

Eirwen and Fridis have been reunited but their lives are filled with conflict and challenge. Eirwen must lead the Heimborn bears against the panther overlords. Fridis embarks on her quest to unearth the true story of the Ravenstones, starting with her former bodyguard, Raicho, the peregrine falcon, and then to uncover the mysteries of Manaris.

Ammarich begins to doubt Adarix, who has abandoned the wolf pack’s ambitions and committed his life to supporting the polar bear. The lioness, Olwen, seeks to rejoin her kin in their northern sanctuary. Her friend and confidante, Eisa, the panther, chooses to stay with Eirwen and the Heimborn bears but – under threat of death – he must prove himself to the suspicious clan chiefs. Vulpé is on the hunt once more, but now it’s the magic gemstones he’s after.

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“Eirwen and Fridis have come a long way since the events of the first book in this series. Fridis continues to discover secrets about the magic gems she and Eirwen discovered. Eirwen continues to grow and understand his role as a leader. All the while the world is at war and plots, complications and battles are changing the political landscape at every turn.

As always in these books there are alliances, betrayals, surprises and plenty of action to keep the reader interested. At times it can be difficult to keep track of all the characters as there are so many in the story. There is a handy dramatis animalium to help the reader keep everyone in mind at the beginning of the book.

The work here by C.S. Watts is extremely ambitious and impressive on a large scale. The different factions vying for rule or supremacy or in some cases simply to survive are reminiscent of the politics in the Game of Thrones series. The Ravenstones books are certainly more suitable for children but that does not make this story any less complex.

It’s been a great ride so far to see how the characters grow and change, constantly needing to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. And while Eirwen and Fridis are the stars of the series there are plenty of other characters Watts is able to make the reader care about. In particular Olwen and Eisa who were featured in the last book are enjoyable and interesting to read about.

There are still more books in this series to come and they are all great reads. If you want a story with a focus on not just fighting but politics behind fighting and plenty of character growth and development, do yourself a favor and pick up the Ravenstones books.

If you are an epic fantasy fan and have read The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time or if you love Watership Down these books are for you.”

-Adam Wright, Reedsy Review

Print & eBook Edition Available Now