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Prophecy Fulfilled

Through the first six volumes of this epic fantasy tale, Eirwen and Fridis have encountered danger, intrigue and a lifetime of surprises, some welcome, some not, as well as a whole host of unexpected and intriguing characters, animals all, from wolves and lions to badgers, bears, and noble birds of prey with codes of honor that must be followed. So-called allies turned out to be the exact opposite; feared strangers become the most loyal of supporters. And some crossed the line between friend and foe several times. Meanwhile, the mystery of the Ravenstones – the location of the most powerful stone of all, their origins and role in the final outcome – must be solved.

In Volume 7 the adventure comes to an end. One final confrontation. Either good or evil will prevail. The stakes could not be higher – there’s no coming second, no more avenues of escape, no reserves waiting in the wings providing rescue. It’s win or die. The prophecy must be fulfilled.

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