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Must read 🏆 An epic conclusion to an epic series any fantasy fan will love reading.

Adam Wright

Through the first six volumes of this epic fantasy tale, Eirwen and Fridis have encountered danger, intrigue and a lifetime of surprises, some welcome, some not, as well as a whole host of unexpected and intriguing characters, animals all, from wolves and lions to badgers, bears, and noble birds of prey with codes of honor that must be followed. So-called allies turned out to be the exact opposite; feared strangers become the most loyal of supporters. And some crossed the line between friend and foe several times. Meanwhile, the mystery of the Ravenstones – the location of the most powerful stone of all, their origins and role in the final outcome – must be solved.

In Volume 7 the adventure comes to an end. One final confrontation. Either good or evil will prevail. The stakes could not be higher – there’s no coming second, no more avenues of escape, no reserves waiting in the wings providing rescue. It’s win or die. The prophecy must be fulfilled.

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There are story lines from previous volumes that pay off in amazing fashion here. It may seem like a seven volume series staring talking animals would be too much but the end here makes all of the reading of the previous volumes an even richer experience.

If you have read the books up to this volume, you’ll know how charismatic and interesting the characters of Eirwen and Fridis are but it’s still a wonder how Watts balances such a large cast of characters in such a meaningful way and delivers on story at the same time.

This is a series I would recommend any fantasy fan give a read. If you love sweeping epics full of magic, interesting politics, memorable characters, and a plot that will keep you guessing, read this series. You definitely don’t want to start with book 7 so make sure to start at the beginning so you can accompany Eirwen and Fridis on all of the twists and turns that take them to this most impressive ending.

– Adam Wright, Reedsy Review

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