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Loved it! 😍 Eirwen and Fridis continue their epic adventure in the satisfying sequel to the first Ravenstones book.

Adam Wright

The Ravenstones, a seven-volume fantasy series, follows the intertwined adventures of two sets of protagonists – first Eirwen, a lonely polar bear, and Fridis, a feisty eider duck, and then Olwen, a lioness, and Eisa, a black panther.

In Book 1, Eirwen and Fridis, Eirwen and Fridis set off on a quest to find the bear’s missing friends. Their travels take them to Vigmar, a mountainous empire at war with neighboring Aeronbed. Fate places the inexperienced bear in command of the Empire’s quarrelsome forces, and he is immediately beset by the demands of leadership. Fridis, overcoming misfortune, seeks to unravel the mysteries of Vigmar’s capital, Blakfel, and confront its scheming rulers.

In Book 2, The Invasion of Aeronbed, Eirwen has decided to lead the forces of Vigmar into Aeronbed. It is a bold, risky move, but the polar bear prefers action and adventure to waiting around in Blakfel. Fridis – ill-equipped for violent confrontations – must remain behind for her protection. The capital, however, turns out to be as dangerous as any battlefield. The two friends, once inseparable, must now confront threats and intrigue on their own.

Misadventure, temptation and betrayal haunt the paths the two must now tred. Lucky escapes, surprising discoveries and unexpected allies come to their aid.

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The book is a well thought out sequel that, if anything, improves upon the original. The stakes are higher, the danger more personal, and the reader is easily engrossed in the tale. While Eirwen is out dealing with the ramifications of war, Fridis is left alone to deal with the forces of palace intrigue that wish to do her harm. The mysteries go deeper, while the action intensifies. The likeable polar bear and duck are separated but their stories remain intertwined and it was satisfying reading both accounts.

The book manages to expand upon both the war that rages between Vigmar and Aeronbed while keeping perspective on the personal stakes for the characters we met in the first volume. It’s been an interesting ride so far and I am looking forward to seeing where the author will take us next. If the title of the next volume is any indication, it looks like we may get a fresh perspective which will be interesting to see.

If you love fantasy books full of huge battles, nefarious political maneuvering, and long-lasting friendship, you are going to love this volume. This is only the second in a seven-volume set, so there is plenty of story to come and I look forward to reading more.

– Adam Wright, Reedsy Review

Print & eBook Edition Available Now