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Death and Life (An Update)

“The intrigue, magic, twists, turns and adventure continues.” Or so says Reedsy Discovery.  

It’s a rare day when I break my normal routine of bi-weekly posts. In fact, the last (and only) time I did so was eleven months ago, when I announced the publication of Book 4 in The Ravenstones series: Gains and Losses.

This week I’m pleased to announce Death and Life has now been reviewed by Reedsy Discovery and as of Sept. 7 went live on that website. Even better, I’m thrilled to see it’s received a five-star review along with many generous words of praise:

  • “Up to this volume, all of the books in the Ravenstone series have been intriguing, complex, and full of twists, turns, wins, losses and surprises. It’s an epic quest filled with battles, palace intrigue, shifting alliances, and magic. This volume is no exception. The story overall continues to hook the reader as much as any fantasy fiction can. C. S. Watts has delivered, once again, a book which leaves the reader wanting more while still neatly resolving many of the open questions of the series.”
  • “As a reviewer of many fantasy books, I must admit this series is one I think about a lot and I wait for the next volume in eager anticipation to see what will happen in the Ravenstones saga. If you have not picked up this series, you’re in for a treat, especially if you love epic fantasy. This series and this volume in the series is a must read.”

And much more along that vein I’m glad to say.

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Cover Photo by Tyler Quiring on Unsplash